Professionalism, Here I Come!

Computer Science
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Despite my effort to focus my blog entries more on what readers would like to see, this post functions more as an update to my progress becoming a web developer. It’s me-time.

A few days ago, I posted on Facebook that I was available to design and set up websites for anyone who would like one. It’s free of charge, if only so I can build a portfolio to post here, on my blog. The idea is to create some killer websites that are completely automated in updates and simple to administer. I would provide the awesome interface on a free (or paid) hosting account for the client, hand them the username and password (read “keys”), and link the website to my homepage. My website, currently this blog,would then link back in the profile section to show potential clients/employers what my skills actually are.

So that’s the plan. Cool, huh?

First, I started researching the ways to automatically update websites. As a starting point, I plan to build websites using Drupal and WordPress, depending on the needs of the client. Upon doing some research, it looks like they can both be managed by SVN. The problem with this is that I haven’t found a free host the supports both SVN and Drupal/Wordpress. So the hunt continues…

I’ll be continuing my research, however I suspect I’ll have to write my own script in PHP to check the current version of the software, then update automatically when a remote location (RSS feed?) is updated. More on this later.