About Me

Ball State Shafer Tower and campus

Shafer Tower, Ball State University

I am currently a Psychology major at Ball State University, working on a minor in Computer Security. My interests lie in finding a way to integrate my love of computers with my love of learning about human cognition. My knowledge of programming languages keeps increasing and, call me crazy, I think I’m finding some similarities between the human brain and the computer, more so than most realize. I hope to do research on this someday.

For amusement, I take part in ballroom dancing. I am the president and co-founder of the Ball State Ballroom Dance League, which is now into its third year and still going strong! Always trying to expand my horizons, I’m looking for networking opportunities for ballroom, psychology, and network security.

On this site you’ll find various blog posts with my thoughts on theories covered in lectures, my completion of the learning goals as determined by the APA, and other information that forms my professional profile. Feel free to leave comments or email.

To see a copy of my general résumé, click here; otherwise you may contact me using the feedback section of this site.


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