Android Development

Computer Science

Due to recent revisions of the Android Developer’s corner, I’m looking more into creating apps for Android and trying to make some cash on the side. I’ve also been looking into ad servers such as AdMob (now owned by Google) and MoPub (open source and a recent startup) for free versions of apps I develop. Of course I would offer premium versions as well to get rid of ads, but I’d like to have some compensation for my time and the startup fee Google charges for new developers ($25).

My thought is that most users are willing to pay between $1 and $3 for a decent app with awesome functionality. If I find a niche that hasn’t already been covered, I could continue to update apps and get a ton of experience in a relatively new technology market. Great resume builder! At the same time, learning the Android SDK would allow me to develop apps for personal use and actually meet the needs of a part of the mobile web market.

These are just some ideas that have been floating around in my head as of late, but we’ll see if they go anywhere.