Hell Week 2.0


Here I sit in the university library, cramming for my Research Methods midterm tomorrow. My friend, Shayla, and I review for the test asking questions as confusion arises in the study guides. Silently I hope to have every answer memorized by the time we put our pencils to paper and take the midterm, or maybe my grade from the last test will be copied over to this one. At this point my mind is growing fuzzy and I haven’t even finished some homework for another class that’s due tomorrow, let alone started a paper we’re supposed to finish by Friday. This is Hell Week 2.0.

In the infinite realms of possibilities, I decided to be a psychology major, not following in my family trade of software or hardware engineering. My overall GPA isn’t fantastic and my departmental GPA isn’t even above 2.0 the last time I checked. Why do I continue with this goal? I don’t even know what I want to do with my psychology major. I’m not even sure if I want to go to graduate school or try to find a job when I graduate. Will I spend four or five years at Ball State working on my bachelor’s? I think all these could be better answered if I had a firm goal in mind, what career to work toward.

I can’t think about this today, there’s too much to be done. Another assignment is due Friday, another test to study for on Thursday, packing to be done by Thursday night, and three routines to choreograph before I leave for spring break for an upcoming ballroom competition. I’ll have no internet access starting at 3pm Friday until Sunday of the following week, so kiss goodbye any chance of doing web development on WordPress. Several textbooks to catch up on with the reading, but most of my time will be spent with friends. When is the relaxation supposed to start?

So much to do, so much pressure. If the end of this week doesn’t leave me with a feeling of release, I’m going to be more than steamed.