Spatial Theory

This past week has been pretty funny in that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all declared “ice days,” which has totally thrown me off. We took our Spatial Theory test event though class was cancelled for the day we were to take it. It was taken online in the funky new format where we were required to use a mind mapping software, still being beta-tested by us. If you’re not familiar with mind mapping, it’s basically the visual outline you did in elementary school–you know, the one with the main idea in the big circle in the middle… The problem with this style is that the average sentence at the university level equates to about 8 connections, assuming the sentence doesn’t contain a list. More information on the mind mapping software can be found in my other blog post.

In short, I found it very difficult to determine what Dr. Butler was looking for, and how to best optimize my responses to reflect his objectives. Most professors in the 100- to 200-level courses stick to the regurgitation method of teaching, but Dr. Butler is the type who makes you think and come to your own conclusions. How do you test over that? That’s why he created this testing software.

It’s completely online, hosted on his company’s website with the ability to take the test from any location. Hopefully I got a good grade on it!

UPDATE: I got a 98% on it, even after he said the high score would never be higher than a 99%. Score!!

About David A.

Currently a Psychology major, Computer Security minor, at Ball State University, David primarily studies the user experience (UX) aspect of website development. On the side, David presides over the Ball State Ballroom Dance League, which he helped found in 2009, and continues to dance competitively.

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