More Stats


In stats this past week, we essentially reviewed the stuff we went over in the prerequisite stats class. By the time Friday rolled around, we did start working with SPSS again, but it got really confusing really fast. I figure I just need to sit down and spend some time working with the software.

My confusion is only exacerbated due to the fact that the required version is 17 and the version that we actually use is v18. There are some major differences between the pieces of software! When starting with zero knowledge of the software, the interface is different enough to make the instructions from the book (also required and also based on v17) direct you to click buttons that don’t exist! In short, I had to resort to using Google to find a less specific version of  the instructions on how to create a certain type of table.

All while I was doing my homework for today, I kept thinking how much easier it would be if I could use some parsing-friendly language like Perl or Python with a SQL database of some sort. Using language to sort through the data would be much easier to instruct users how to do than a graphical UI that changes for each version. Hel-looooooo R!