Zimbardo is the Devil


This week in class, we discussed many things about the IRB, how our “bullshit-o-meter” should have been going crazy during his Stanford Prison Study, and generally studying the ethics of research in the field of psychology.

At first, we started watching Zimbardo’s video as if it was a normal study. Everything looked fine to most people, but Professor Wallace found numerous flaws in his explanations, one of many was the fact that Zimbardo supposedly stated every room in the study (warden’s office, prison cells, solitary confinement, film room where hidden cameras are located), yet there was a “relaxation room” if anyone got into too terrible of a mental state, as was made evident by one moment in the study. Another example was the complete lack of amity or anonymity of each participant.

Continuing on with the week, we found out what constitutes ethical deception, what some major research ethics issues are, and a select few actions that can ruin a career as a psychologist.

NOTE: the attached notes are a bit out-of-order and I shall go back and fix them, but for now they are complete (unfortunately). Also, since this is the first week I’m reporting the events of the class, I’ll be including all notes since the beginning of the semester.